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Gluten-Friendly Yucatan Roasted Corn & Black Bean Tart
Gluten-Friendly Yucatan Roasted Corn & Black Bean Tart


$149.53 / case
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Case price
Pieces in a case 18
Price per piece $8.31

Product specifications

Kabobs ID K4072
Name Gluten-Friendly Yucatan Roasted Corn & Black Bean Tart
Piece weight 7.75oz
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Dietary Requirements


Gluten-Friendly Yucatan Roasted Corn & Black Bean Tart

Fire roasted corn, red bell peppers, black beans, onions, avocadoes, and brown rice; accompanied by Monterey Jack cheese, wrapped in a cilantro infused gluten-friendly tart shell.

Cooking instructions

Thaw and bake in a pre-heated 350ºF conventional oven for 12-15 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 165ºF as measured by use of a thermometer.

Selling features

An exotic and colorful fresh vegetable mixture, embodied from the rich culture of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, Kabobs' Fire Roasted Corn and Black Bean Tart provides an impressive vegetarian and gluten-friendly entree option. A solution for dining patrons wanting broader alternatives for vegetarian and gluten-friendly entrees, this Latin American inspired dish is certain to raise eyebrows. Exceptional flavor, and great presentation, with no effort.

  • Latin American cusine, inspired by the Yucatan Peninsula
  • Gluten-Friendly tart shell
  • Entree or shared plated appetizer
  • Vibrant color - re roastted corn, red bell peppers, black beans, jalapenos, avocadoes
  • Excellent plain, or can be topped with an avocado puree or guacamole and/or sour cream; Pairs nicely with a fresh spring salad.
  • Vegetarian item

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